Beachin’ In Batangas and Lafang Club Adventures

Still alive and kicking here but really busy with life that I can’t find time to write as often as I would want to. But while I’m away, I still read your comments and try my best to answer email  queries about Korean visa. And I’m also trying to make a consistent integration of my online presence so if you need me for anything, you only need to know one name and that is “janiscooking.”

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So, movin’ all the way back to December…



My family had a chance to visit Aquaria in Playa Calatagan. It’s a 2.5-3hr drive from Metro Manila. It’s a new resort and everything looks clean and well-maintained. They don’t offer overnight accommodations yet so if you’re planning to go, do note that it’s just going to be for a day trip.



We liked that the toilets are separated from the shower area and as I said, everything looks clean. The toilets and shower rooms are similar to the ones you’ll find in membership clubs and that is a plus point for Aquaria.





The pool area is humongous. The one that you see above is the kiddie pool that you’ll immediately see upon entering. That area that looks like a clubhouse is the lobby where you register/check-in and it’s connected to the locker rooms and the toilet/shower/changing rooms.


This is the middle pool which is connected to another pool right where you see the slide. The covered sections at the left are the pool-side cabanas that you can rent for a minimal fee per day. We didn’t get one though because you can’t eat at the pool area and what use is an outing if you can’t swim AND eat! 😛



Aquaria also has a nice beachfront and beaches on this side of Batangas are known for their white sand. Not like the stuff you’ll find in Boracay but clean white sand nonetheless. My baby loved frolicking on the sand.



And then we went to Peninsula de Punta Fuego and stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights. Was a bit worried about the decision to choose Punta Fuego because I heard that it is a run-down version of Crimson Resort in Cebu or Misibis Bay. It is, admittedly, an old resort but I felt that it never lost its charm.




At Peninsula de Punta Fuego, there are 3 pools that guests can use: the kiddie and the main infinity pool at the Main Clubhouse and the other pool at the Lower Beach Club.


We went to all three but that’s not all. We even went to Terrazas de Punta Fuego to also try their pool and to enjoy the beach.




My little boy enjoyed the outdoor and indoor play area while my hubby enjoyed the boats at the Yacht Club. On the other hand, I enjoyed the cold drinks like the lychee shake and iced latte. Yup, I finished them one after the other and was surprised that they didn’t have a wrestling match inside my tummy 🙂 #toughtummy


I don’t know why I’m not always lucky to catch the sunset in Manila. It’s sad, I know, but I’m glad we did this trip to Punta Fuego because I was able to watch the sunset for 2 days in a row.

Now on to the Lafang Club adventures 🙂


We went out of town for our Christmas party. We had a short Tagaytay weekend escapade and went to Tagaytay Highlands. Would you believe that we braved the cold Christmas air in Tagaytay and went swimming!?!? Suicide!


And then we also had a Valentine’s Day celebration at UCC Clockwork in Manila. Love the design of that cafe.


The gang also went to the newly launched City of Dreams Manila. We tried one of their Filipino restaurants at the 2nd floor. The shops are not all operational yet but it’s a lovely place. We’ll be back to hit to slot machines soon. Go high rollers! 😛

And now, my own culinary adventures! Whew ~

The first one is this place in San Juan called CO/OP Manila. It’s a lifestyle store and cafe. Hands down, the interiors are great. As you may have noticed, I’m very partial to industrial design which is also what I have in mind for the house that we’re building. The stuff that they have for sale are also great but expensive.

But their food is a different story. I have to be honest and say that the food they offer weren’t that good. Coffee was good but there are cheaper alternatives that offer better coffee. What disappoints is that their mediocre food are priced on the $$$-side.


Processed with Moldiv





And then I also had a chance to try the much-raved about pizza at Nolita in BGC. We arrived at the restaurant even before they opened. So I ordered a slice of chicken barbecue pizza and the guy at the kitchen asked if I’m willing to wait to which I said ‘yes.’ Then he followed it up with “willing to wait for three years?” I purposely didn’t answer anymore because I didn’t like how the conversation is going and I might end up arguing with that dude.

And so the slices of pizza came out and they all disappointed me. The pizza was soggy and oily and there’s not a good balance of meats and bread. Project Pie will knock out Nolita anytime. As for the cannoli, forget about it.



Larcy’s Cupcakery opened a branch in Capitol Commons in Kapitolyo and I went there to try their cupcakes. The Valrhona chocolate cupcake was so-so but the Pink Velvet was good. Not exactly as good as Sonja’s Red Velvet cupcake but close enough.



Another bakery that I got to try was Sweet Bella at Burgos Circle in BGC. Their cakes are a bit pricey but they’re not really special. I got a slice of the blueberry cheesecake and another one which I could not remember anymore.


As I mentioned above, I went to UCC Clockwork with my Lafang Club friends. I kinda expected the prices to be on the expensive side and I was correct. However, I didn’t mind because the place is nice (I totally dig the interiors), the dishes we ordered came on time, and they all tasted good.






photo 4

photo 3

Finally, I had a taste of the yummy dishes from Spatzle Euro Market Cafe at the East Wing of Shangrila Plaza Mall. My son loves their fried chicken so much 🙂





So there ya have it, a roundup of my adventures from December all the way to February 🙂 I’ll be parking right here this has been a terribly long post (I know, I know, I’m terrible at keeping up with blog posts :(). But stay tuned because I’ll be finishing all my backlog Korea posts and I’ll be putting up tons of details about my recent Taiwan trip.

Until then… 🙂

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