• Soups

    Chicken Macaroni Soup

    We just experienced Typhoon Egay a couple days ago and we’re now facing another one by the name of Typhoon Falcon. Classes have been suspended and some areas have already been flooded. Metro Manila is not spared at all. In fact, here in our place, it’s been raining hard. I probably haven’t told you that I’m afraid of the howling sound of the wind. So just go figure how scared I am when it thunders. And as of this writing, I’m alone in my room, waiting for hubby to arrive 🙁 Good thing there are a couple of things that grab my attention and some happy thoughts are here to…

  • Poultry

    Caramel Chicken

    I was looking for another easy chicken dish recipe and I bumped into this great one from Almost Bourdain. She got the recipe from Bill Granger and I’m so happy to have found the recipe too 🙂  It was simple and perfect with rice! I prepared the dish last night and hubby was already asking for a repeat. I don’t mind doing it again because I only need an hour to prepare and cook the entire dish. This is really a great dish to make when you don’t have much time.

  • Pasta,  Poultry

    Creamy Chicken Spaghetti With Carrots and Cauliflower

    I haven’t been cooking much lately. I’m busy at work and with PinoyFoodista and I feel like I’m not touching base enough with this blog and my blogger friends 🙁 I promise that as soon as PinoyFoodista is stable (shouldn’t take that long, I hope), I’ll be more visible again 🙂 So, in one of those rare instances that I find time to cook, I made something easy out of what I already have in the kitchen. I call it Creamy Chicken Spaghetti with Carrots and Cauliflower. The dish is as literal as its name 😛

  • Poultry,  Vegetables

    Chicken & Green Beans With White Wine Vinegar

    This is another chicken dish that’s easy to prepare. If you noticed, I’ve been posting a couple of chicken recipes here. I happen to join my friends on a no-rice diet and the chicken dishes are my best options to allow me to stick the diet without feeling deprived 🙂 I used green beans and white wine vinegar for this dish. It’s really simple, you’ll see.  

  • Poultry,  Vegetables

    Chicken & Water Spinach With Oyster Sauce

    I don’t remember exactly when I started to eat kangkong (water spinach or swamp cabbage) but I’ve learned to love it as life went on such that if you ask me now to name a green leafy vegetable, for sure, it is the first vegetable I’ll mention. I love it steamed, or in sinigang, or cooked adobo-style, or coated with some batter and made into crispy kangkong. But most definitely, I love kangkong in oyster sauce. In fact, I already posted a recipe for it about four months ago. They say that kangkong is a good source of lutein and pro-Vitamin A. Also, it has a significant amount of calcium…

  • Baked Goodies,  Poultry

    Chicken Empanada

    My favorite chicken empanada is the one from Red Ribbon. Yup, chicken empanada with extenders and all that 😛 I can always imagine eating that soft empanada crust with mashed chicken filling (sorry but I can’t seem to find chicken bits inside) or mashed potatoes with chicken seasoning 😛 Whatever, it’s still the best chicken empanada for me though. Today, I decided to make my own chicken empanada as my way of being thankful that I’m no longer feeling under the weather. I was sick since Sunday evening and now that I’ve recovered, I’m back to business. By business I really meant cooking 😛 What I’ll show you aren’t the…

  • Poultry

    Baked Chicken Adobo

    This is my fourth installment for the recipes for my Filipino-inspired Foodbuzz 24×24 lunch. In my Meal.Teal.It’s a Deal! post, I mentioned that there was nothing else that came to mind when I had to write down the main dish for my proposal. I thought of nothing else but the classic Filipino dish, adobo. There are debates on whether adobo is our unifying dish when it comes to propagating Filipino cuisine to the Amercian mainstream because there are just way too many versions and we can’t trace exactly which is the authentic one. What I do believe though is that regardless of the number of versions out there, or that…

  • Poultry

    General Tso’s Chicken

    I’m a fan of Chinese food and most Chinese take-outs carry this General Tso’s chicken dish. The one place I usually order this dish is in Recipes in Greenbelt. And I have always wondered who the hell is General Tso and why, for the love of chicken, is his name part of this famous dish! 😛 Let me share with you something that I found from Chinese FOODDIY: General Tso Tsungtang, or as his name is spelled in modern Pinyin, Zuo Zongtang, was born on Nov. 10, 1812, and died on Sept. 5, 1885. He was a frighteningly gifted military leader during the waning of the Qing dynasty, a figure…

  • Burgers & Sandwiches,  Pizza

    Instant BBQ Chicken Pizza… Well, Almost

    There’s a small pizzeria in our condo and the smell of pizza cookin’ in the oven would always fill the lobby all the way down to the basement parking. I don’t like their pizza but the smell of fresh pizza crust is like no other. It makes you crave for pizza even if you’re full. This evening, I re-created that smell in our very own unit 🙂 I was surprised at how easy it is to make pizza and thankful at that because it will help me clean up my ref and make something good out of our leftovers! Here’s my humble take on CPK’s Barbecue Chicken Pizza made with…

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