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    Lemon-Calamansi Crumble Bars

    This dish is inspired by The Pioneer Woman’s Creamy Lemon Crumb Squares. Actually, I’ve been thinking of ways to vary this Lemon Pie recipe which was also picked up from The Pioneer Woman. (Oh yes, I love her!) The idea to come up with crumble bars came from hubby who, apparently, loves my Apple Crumble so much. He said why not find a lemon crumble recipe online and try that one out. That was such a great idea. So thanks to hubby and my online best friend, Google, for leading me to The Pioneer Woman’s Creamy Lemon Crumb Squares recipe 🙂 Although I wanted to use all lemons for this dessert, I…

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    Momofuku Strawberry Shortcakes

    Last week was a busy week at work (not at its worst but yeah, it’s kinda hectic). There was this day when I wanted to go home so badly just to be able to do something in my kitchen. I decided to try something sweet from the Momofuku book since it’s just lying around the place. I was mentally calculating how much time I would need to create the dish plus I wondered whether doing a Momofuku dish will help relieve my stress. As you probably know, Momofuku dishes usually involve multiple steps and they’re not the ideal kind to whip up for an emergency cooking-to-remove-stress situation. Then again, I…

  • Baked Goodies

    Two More Cupcakes: Red Velvet and Calamansi Cupcakes :)

    Hey guys! Just a heads up, this is not the end of my two-cupcake-flavors-per-batch series 😛 More cupcake flavors are incoming and I just have to beg you to bear with me. I’ve never been this HAPPY about my cupcakes before. And recently, I’ve been getting requests to actually open my kitchen to the public and accept cupcake orders (well, cupcakes and roast pork and my whole chicken dishes :P). I am contemplating about that and I’m in the process of testing and developing different cupcake flavors. However, everything at the moment is tentative. This plan may or may not come into fruition soon but I’d just like to let…

  • Resto Review

    Monsees Cafe

    Moonsee’s Chefs and Bakers, now Monsees Cafe in White Plains, Quezon City, is owned and operated by a fellow lawyer and friend, Marina, who has a passion for baking and good food. Despite being a lawyer, she still pursued a course in bakery and pastry arts at the International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management (ISCAHM). When asked if she misses lawyering, she told me that instead, she’s thinking that she should have done this (Monsees) a long time ago. *idol!* I really admire people like Marina and I’m hoping that one day, I’d get to say I don’t need to be a lawyer because I’m already doing what I love…

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    Pastillas De Leche

    One of my favorite Filipino candies as a child is pastillas de leche. As with any pastillas, it is made of a thick liquid that’s solidified and meant to be consumed by allowing it to dissolve in the mouth. The main ingredient in making pastillas de leche is of course, milk. It is boiled together with sugar then wrapped in cellophane and Japanese paper. Typically, we use carabao’s milk to make pastillas de leche. However, I found a recipe that calls for powdered milk from Pinoyrecipe and I got really excited to try it out. With a little tweak, here comes my own version of a creamy and delicious pastillas…

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    Strawberry Banana Trifle

    I really think that serving desserts in glassware is pretty and I was inspired by Chef Dennis’ pomegranate Tiramisu. Besides, I still have the leftover bananas, sour cream, lady fingers, and all-purpose cream from my Banana Cream Pie last Wednesday. So, still for my sister’s birthday, I thought it would be practical to come up with a dessert that uses a majority of the same ingredients. Also, it’s fun creating something on my own. Hence, my personal version of the STRAWBERRY BANANA TRIFLE.

  • No-bake Goodies

    Jan’s Banana Cream Pie

    Banana Cream Pie I love to watch David Tutera‘s show on Travel and Living but I have this bad habit of not jotting down important stuff I get from watchin’ TV. As always, I saw this pretty set-up for a banana cream pie and forgot to write down the website where I can download the recipe from! And again, I was stuck with the common recipes that called for a pastry crust. I don’t want a pastry crust though. I want the exact banana cream pie from David Tutera‘s show! 😛 *brat mode on*

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    Key Lime Cheesecake Bars

    I originally posted this on June 6, 2010 in YadaYadaYada. I figured serving hubby with Kotopoulo Lemonato is not enough. So I baked this yummy dessert for him. I didn’t like Key Lime bars before but when I tasted Lucille’s Key Lime Cheesecake, I thought it was heavenly! So I mixed the concept of a key lime bar and a key lime cheesecake in one. And I came up with my own version of key lime cheesecake bar. It’s really yummy but I did something wrong so it looks bad 🙁 This recipe and I will definitely have a rematch soon

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