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    Foodbuzz 24×24: Grilled Cheese Overload

    I’m so excited to tell you that after more than a month of not cooking, I re-conquered my kitchen only for Foodbuzz 24×24. I kinda miss cooking and figured that being in a Cohen diet program should not really deter me from doing what I love to do. I feel so thankful that Foodbuzz allowed me to participate in this month’s 24×24 where 24 foodies from all over the world are to prepare 24 over-the-top meals within 24 hours. My contribution to Foodbuzz 24×24 this month is called Grilled Cheese Overload. August is considered as the National Sandwich month and also the National-Back-to-School month. I figured that hosting a grilled cheese…

  • Parties & Entertaining

    Foodbuzz 24×24: Beyond Turkey, A Modern Thanksgiving Dinner

    Who would have thought that I would be this lucky to get an opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving as sponsored by Foodbuzz? It’s not a tradition in the Philippines to celebrate Thanksgiving and I was fortunate to have been given the chance to participate in this month’s Foodbuzz 24×24 to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends for the very first time. As some of you already know, Foodbuzz 24×24 is an online round-up of dinner parties hosted by Foodbuzz’s Featured Publishers and this equates to 24 epic meals hosted within 24 hours in 24 different parts of the world! This is my second participation in Foodbuzz 24×24 (first time was in September) and…

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    Project Food Blog

    I’m excited now that Project Food Blog is getting nearer and nearer 😀 At the moment I’m writing this, there are 1,596 contestants all hoping to be the next Food Blog Star. I am joining not so much to win but to enjoy the blogging challenges and learn more about food blogging in the process. Can’t say though that I’m not dreaming to bag it but hey, just by checking the roster of contestants and seeing my favorite bloggers there, I would have to say that hands down, they are better and have more chances in any aspect I can think of 😀 But it is so exciting to conquer…

  • General Food Yadas

    I’m In Today’s Top 9 [FoodBuzz]

    What’s the FoodBuzz about? 🙂 Lols I’m just so excited and happy that my Cream Cheese Bruschetta With Blueberry Compote landed in Today’s Top 9 🙂 weee Really happy to see it right there. When I started a couple of weeks ago in FoodBuzz, I was hoping that one of my recipes will get buzzed up so that it may find its way to the Top 9. Maybe for some it’s no biggie, but for me it definitely is! 🙂 See, I’m not a schooled cook nor am I actively cooking at the start of the year. Everything was just on a fast-speed since I came back from the States…

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