• General Food Yadas

    Hurray, It's My Blog's 2nd Birthday!

    Time flies… really fast and it’s been what, 2 years?!? Yup, it’s my blog’s 2nd birthday and I wanna thank each of you who followed this blog or me on Twitter or in Instagram. Thanks to all of you who left comments to my posts and said kind words about what I do. Big thanks also to my Foodbuzz friends who I met way before we all dreamed of becoming the next food blog star. Thank you also to the other bloggers who I met online. I know it’s weird but fun connecting with people from all parts of the globe all because of this blogging thing! I celebrated my…

  • General Food Yadas

    Hurray, It's My Blog's 1st Birthday! Let's Celebrate With A Giveaway!

    More than 120 recipes. More than 90 food discoveries. Six major dinners. All covered in about 185 posts blogged within the last 365 days. Not bad for the first year of this lazy novice cook’s blog, yeah? 🙂 I started blogging seriously about food on June 26, 2010. That was the time when I just came back from the U.S. where I hoarded a handful of cookbooks and decided I will cook at least one dish every week and write a journal about it. I never expected to cook and blog a little more than that, nor join online food communities and a blogging contest. I didn’t expect to meet new friends from…

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