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    My Favorite Korean Convenience Store Finds

    There are a lot of convenience stores in Manila. That industry had a boom when the franchise fees/packages from the popular convenience store chains dropped. A lot of Filipinos with a few capital to spare also operated their own convenience stores because while it was hard work, it’s a very lucrative business and very scaleable too especially if you are in a great location. But no matter how many convenience stores there are in my neighborhood, I don’t think going there was ever a staple part of my day. I do visit them very rarely, and only when I want a quick snack but I can’t think of anything I…

  • Seoul,  South Korea,  Travel

    Cost Of Living In Seoul

    One of the things that we always consider when we travel is the budget, of course. It’s easy to budget the costs of airfare and accommodation because much of the information are pretty much declared in the websites or travel platforms. But we’re always left wondering about how much should we budget for food, or transportation for each day in our trip. I did a roundup of all the food that you can eat for 5,000won or less, and that should be helpful when you plan your meals in Seoul. But do take note that those prices were as of October 2017, and were based on the prices of food…

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