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    Beachin’ In Batangas and Lafang Club Adventures

    Still alive and kicking here but really busy with life that I can’t find time to write as often as I would want to. But while I’m away, I still read your comments and try my best to answer email  queries about Korean visa. And I’m also trying to make a consistent integration of my online presence so if you need me for anything, you only need to know one name and that is “janiscooking.” My new domain is up (janiscooking.net) and my new logo shows what the blog is all about ~ my love for cooking, culinary adventures, family travels and momhood bliss. You can still go to the…

  • Cakes,  Desserts,  Resto Review

    Lia's Cakes

    If Max’s is the house that chicken built, then Lia’s Cakes is the house that avocado built 😀 Man, that’s avocado right there! In a cake!!! I don’t have enough words to describe it. It probably isn’t the best cake anyone would ever try but the cake itself is moist and flavorful and will sure make any avocado lover scream for joy. And for the non-avocado lovers, don’t worry. The best time to change your mind is now. The avocado flavor isn’t too strong, it won’t scare you away. I promise, it’s really good and there’s no better way to lose your avocado-virginity than to this sexy cake, baby! 😀…

  • Resto Review

    Mad Mark's Man Sandwich & Frozen D

    A week ago, hubby and I decided to drop by Mad Mark’s in Kapitolyo to try their famous The Man sandwich. While I know that I can’t fully enjoy any of their delicious sandwiches, I still decided to bring hubby there because I know that their sandwiches are his kind of thing. And true enough, Mad Mark’s didn’t fail to deliver. As with most of the Kapitolyo neighborhood restos, the space is really small and Mad Mark’s can easily get crowded anytime. When we went there, we noticed that they only have a handful of wait staff, maybe three including the cashier. I can just imagine how toxic it is…

  • Resto Review

    Milky & Sunny… Evening Brekky, Why Not?

    Last night, hubby and I went out to grab a copy of the November-December issue of Look Magazine where a friend and fellow foodie/blogger, Tangled Noodle, wrote an article about the new diet plans out there. She interviewed me about the Cohen diet and she included snippets of our convo in her article. And on this note [apologies for this plug], I’d like to invite you to grab a copy of Look Magazine if you can 🙂 Anyhow… the nearest bookstore to our place is just along Pioneer St. in Mandaluyong and since we’re already in the hood, we decided to drive around Brgy. Kapitolyo in Pasig to look for…

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