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    The Ultimate Guide To Getting A Korean Visa For Filipinos [Updated: September 2018]

    This is the Ultimate Guide to Getting A Korean Visa For Filipinos. Yes, applications should now be coursed through Embassy-designated travel agencies. But, the requirements are essentially the same. So, this guide, as updated, is still very much important and relevant. My only wish is that you would take time to read everything before you ask questions. This post is the most visited and the most active post in my blog ever since I first wrote about it in 2012. Six years later, and after many updates, it’s still here and very much relevant. If you want to jump directly to my posts about South Korea, you can visit it…

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    An Nyeong Ha Se Yo :)

    How are you guys doin? Been a long time. As most of you know, I haven’t been updating this blog quite frequently. I am trying to stay away from our kitchen because I’m into the Cohen diet program. And just to update you about it, I lost about 19lbs for the first two months. Hurray! And tomorrow’s gonna be my third weigh-in and blood test. Wish me luck! 🙂 I’m actually not expecting to lose much because I’ve had sooooo mannnnyyyy cheat days this month 🙁 Then again, I’m hoping that, because I’m staying away from rice and I’m kinda watching what I eat even if they’re not technically allowed…

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