• Project Food Blog

    Paella Valenciana, A Spanish Classic

    Because you love me and voted for me, I made it to round 2 in  Project Food Blog 2010! Cheers! 🙂 For this challenge, we are asked to tackle a classic dish from another culture. I initially wanted to tackle something Filipino as my way of helping propagate Filipino cuisine into the culinary mainstream. However, I’m bound by the challenge rules to pick out something from a different culture. I also wanted to  try something Asian, like Japanese or Vietnamese, but I feel that either is still within my comfort zone. After a little soul-searching, I finally decided that I will do something Spanish. The Spaniards have a lot of…

  • Project Food Blog

    Food Blogging For A Dream

    While I was still in law school, I was always asked “why do you want to be a lawyer?” and my answer has always been “because it is a childhood dream.” It’s an off-the-cuff answer… no thought processes involved whatsoever. You bet I was faking it each time. Truth of the matter is, my real childhood dream is that where I would wear dainty aprons, bake some pie, neighbors would follow the delicious smell coming out of our kitchen, and then I would bring the pie out off the oven with a wide smile on my face and serve it to my Prince Charming, my skeptical folks, hard-to-please aunts, demanding friends,…

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