• Baked Goodies

    Two More Cupcakes: Red Velvet and Calamansi Cupcakes :)

    Hey guys! Just a heads up, this is not the end of my two-cupcake-flavors-per-batch series 😛 More cupcake flavors are incoming and I just have to beg you to bear with me. I’ve never been this HAPPY about my cupcakes before. And recently, I’ve been getting requests to actually open my kitchen to the public and accept cupcake orders (well, cupcakes and roast pork and my whole chicken dishes :P). I am contemplating about that and I’m in the process of testing and developing different cupcake flavors. However, everything at the moment is tentative. This plan may or may not come into fruition soon but I’d just like to let…

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    It Takes Two To Make A Thing Go Right: Same Batter, Two Cupcakes ~ Chocolate and Ube

    So, I got this recipe for a chiffon cake from my weekend basic cake and cake decoration class and I used that to make cupcakes. I was hoping I could make a real cake today with icing and all the works but my plan didn’t push through. There’s always a next time for that though. Meantime, I made gorgeous cupcakes today using, as I said, the chiffon cake recipe I recently learned. The cupcakes were moist, soft and really flavorful. I am so excited to try out the other variations and there are tons of them! So, using the same basic cake batter and egg white mixture, I created two…

  • Fish/Seafood

    Steamed Cream Dory with Light Soy Sauce

    I bet you figured that I bought quite a lot of frozen cream dory from the supermarket. Well yes, you’re absolutely right! March had been a month of parties (and meat-eating!) for us and it would be great to have fish at least for the first week of April. It’s also the Lenten season so now’s a great time to stock up on fish and seafood 🙂 So, we had baked Creamy Cream Dory the other night and last night, I made Chinese-style Steamed Cream Dory with Light Soy Sauce. Easy peasy!

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    Creamy Cream Dory and Fabulous Awards! *flex*

    I got a great surprise yesterday in the comments section of my post Vodka Raspberry and I’m really excited to tell you about it! Tina, the owner of and blogger behind Pinay in Texas Cooking Corner, gave me not one but EIGHT (!!!) blog awards 😀 The very first award I got was the Versatile Blogger Award which was given to me by Simply Maren. That was a long time ago, about July of last year, and the new awards from Tina just came at the right time! I’m humbled and flattered at the same time that Tina considers me as one of the bloggers worthy of these awards. Then…

  • Baked Goodies

    Momofuku-style Compost Cookies

    So, I think my hubby’s getting tired of me blabbing about Momofuku endlessly at home… like how I want to pickle all types of fruits and vegetables Momofuku-style, or how I want to make the steamed pork buns again which probably is the most famous dish in Momofuku’s menu, or how I want to make ramen at home following Momofuku’s recipe. I know there’s so much hype about Momofuku but even without that, I’m so inspired by the cookbook itself 😀 [btw, I also have this recent fascination with pastry chef Johnny Iuzzini. seriously, is there any hotter chef out there?] Hubby asked me if there’s anything sweet from Momofuku that…

  • Drinks/Coolers

    Vodka Raspberry

    Last March 26, I had a joint Rockaoke birthday party with my hubby and we had this mixology section where we shared our own favorite Vodka recipes. Our guests were invited to concoct their own cocktail following the recipes we shared. The recipe I shared was that for a Vodka Raspberry drink.

  • Desserts

    Turon with Cream Cheese

    In celebration of the National Fritters Day on December 2, I made our Filipino banana fritter called “turon.” Turon is a favorite dessert or snack here in the Philippines and to make it a little more special, I added cream cheese to the recipe. It brings me back to my childhood where I would usually buy banana fritters from my friend’s mom and snack up on it as we play under the trees in our garden. I don’t exactly know why this is called turon in the Philippines. A turron (Spanish) or torrone (Italian) is a nougat confection made of honey, sugar, and egg white, with toasted nuts. I’m guessing…

  • Pasta

    Spaghetti con Gamberetti e Rucola

    This is the second recipe installment for my entry to Foodbuzz’s 24×24 this November. For my Thanksgiving dinner called “Beyond Turkey, A Modern Thanksgiving Dinner,” I served perfect roasted chicken and pasta in lieu of the traditional turkey. I initially wanted to serve the food lauriat-syle because it gives a sense of being a one big united family. Besides, it’s fun having to pass the dishes around. However, due to table-size limitations, I had to improvise and make use of a separate buffet table. The recipe is originally from Jamie Oliver and I particularly love it because of the great combination of flavors. You got tomatoes, chilies, shrimps, cheese and…

  • Pasta

    Spaghetti Alla Carbonara Di Salsiccia

    This dish is patterned from and inspired by Jamie Oliver’s Linguine Alla Carbonara Di Salsiccia. As much as I wanted to stick to the recipe strictly, I  was constrained to make a few adjustments. It’s not everyday that I can find good quality sweet Italian sausages and pancetta.  I  Filipinized the dish by using ingredients that are easy to find locally. For my version of this pasta dish, I used spaghetti instead of linguine,  and longganiza and ordinary bacon to substitute for the salsiccia and pancetta, respectively. It’s a crazy delicious dish notwithstanding the substitutions. It’s very easy to make and is guaranteed to impress your guests. Anything from Jamie…

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    Apple & Dried Cranberries Loaf

    Hubby just gave me a new loaf pan and I thought it would be good to test it out. I incidentally have apples at home so I thought I’d make something out of them. I actually have a recipe written in my notebook for an apple and cranberry loaf and I decided to make that one. Unfortunately, that recipe called for fresh cranberries but since I don’t have them at home, I replaced them with dried cranberries instead. The outcome was a moist and delicious apple & dried cranberries loaf and to be honest, I thought it’s just as good as a Christmas fruitcake. Well, sans the rum/liqeur. Anyhow, here’s…

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