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    Monsees Cafe Is Hiring!

    This is a shameless job ad for Monsees Cafe 🙂 For those of you who don’t know yet, Monsees Cafe is a bakery/bakeshop/cafe/deli/resto located at 118 Katipunan Ave., Brgy. White Plains, Quezon City. It’s known for using only quality ingredients and baking the best Spanish bread. Guests rave about Monsees Cafe for their moist chocolate cake, grisini (or breadsticks), assorted pastries, doughnuts which some claim to even magically transport them to their childhood, hot meals, and pan de motsi and pasta. Monsees Cafe is also a total package because aside from the food, our guests also adore our interiors which they say are reminiscent of the bakery in Meryl Streep’s…

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    Monsees Cafe

    Moonsee’s Chefs and Bakers, now Monsees Cafe in White Plains, Quezon City, is owned and operated by a fellow lawyer and friend, Marina, who has a passion for baking and good food. Despite being a lawyer, she still pursued a course in bakery and pastry arts at the International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management (ISCAHM). When asked if she misses lawyering, she told me that instead, she’s thinking that she should have done this (Monsees) a long time ago. *idol!* I really admire people like Marina and I’m hoping that one day, I’d get to say I don’t need to be a lawyer because I’m already doing what I love…

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    Anniversary Lunch @ Marcia Adams

    This is a long overdue post and was meant to be published last January 7, our wedding anniversary 🙁 *sniff* so bad at dealing with backlog posts. Anyhoo, I still think it’s worth posting about this quaint little restaurant hidden in Tagaytay for the benefit of those who want to experience something new in the summer capital of the Philippines in Southern Tagalog 🙂 I’ve read about Marcia Adams Restaurant a little more than a year ago and but I always end up leisurely spending time in Tagaytay Highlands rather than actually going there. Thus, I took our 5th anniversary as an opportunity to go to Marcia Adams and treat hubby to…

  • Resto Review

    RestoReview: C2

    Last Sunday night, hubby and I went to SM Megamall to scout for good LCD TVs. We didn’t notice the time because we were busy comparing prices, specs, features, and all that. We got too hungry to leave the mall so we decided to just eat there. We’ve seen C2 for a while now but we’ve never really eaten there. I’d say it was a good decision to have dinner at C2 because had we been to a different resto, we wouldn’t have discovered for ourselves just how great the food in C2 are.

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