• Resto Review

    It's All About Tea at Chatime!

    Yesterday (June 12) was Independence Day here in the Philippines and there’s massive sale throughout different malls! Good thing hubby and I started early by attending Mass in SM Megamall (it’s a televised healing mass apparently) and because we’re early, we didn’t have problems with parking. Hurray! ๐Ÿ˜› Soย after I got my credit card-swiping binge fixed, we headed to Pioneer Center, a grocery store near our place, and discovered something really cool. It’s a place that’s completely about tea and it’s called Chatime ๐Ÿ™‚ Chatime opened its first Philippine outlet of the famous Taiwanese pop milk tea chain last February in Quezon City near Banawe. Their branch in Pioneer Center…

  • Resto Review

    Chicken + Baboy = Chic-Boy :D

    Looking for a very affordable dinner? My office friend CherieL said they (GY shift officemates) went to Chic-Boy last night. She recommended that I try it because according to her, food in Chic-Boy’s very affordable. Some eight hours and a bajillion meetings later, I went to Chic-Boy with hubby for dinner. I didn’t expect that there would be many people in Chic-Boy or in Jupiter Street. I lived near Jupiter before and my law school was about about a hundred cartwheels away from it. That means I’ve seen the rise and fall of restaurants along Jupiter. I’m glad to see that restaurant businesses there are picking up again.

  • Resto Review

    Crescent Moon Cafe in Antipolo

    The first time I heard about Crescent Moon Cafe in Antipolo, I already begged hubby to go there. It is definitely more accessible than Ugu Bigyan pottery in Quezon (but this one I shall visit soon too). Unfortunately, we always end up allocating our weekends to other places/things and it was only recently when we were scouting for a house near that area that this place came to my mind again. I didn’t know where Crescent Moon Cafe is located. All I know is that it is in Antipolo. I found some directions here. I don’t know about you but as the navigator, I couldn’t help but wonder if there’s…

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    Delimondo Corned Beef

    Remember last Saturday when we went to Salcedo Market? I got some Delimondo Corned Beef which I inteded to cook sometime during the week but failed to do so because I was really busy I wasn’t even able to say hi to our kitchen at all. Even yesterday, I was hoping I could cook but nope. Schedule was pretty tight. Hopefully today, I’d be able to do that much-requested baked salmon dish and make hubby happy. I’ve heard a lot about Delimondo Corned Beef especially from friends who love to go to Salcedo or Legaspi Markets. To be honest, I was not pumped to try it at all. I have…

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