• Round-Up

    Beachin’ In Batangas and Lafang Club Adventures

    Still alive and kicking here but really busy with life that I can’t find time to write as often as I would want to. But while I’m away, I still read your comments and try my best to answer email  queries about Korean visa. And I’m also trying to make a consistent integration of my online presence so if you need me for anything, you only need to know one name and that is “janiscooking.” My new domain is up (janiscooking.net) and my new logo shows what the blog is all about ~ my love for cooking, culinary adventures, family travels and momhood bliss. You can still go to the…

  • Tagaytay,  Travel

    Because I'm Lazzzzy…

    I’m feeling lazy to write something today. I’ll just do a photo blog then 🙂 Here are some random snippets from my handy-dandy-old-&-rusty Nokia. ~o~ July 7, Varekai Cirque du Soleil Night July 10, Mom’s Birthday in Tagaytay My Cohen diet officially starts tomorrow. The next time I’ll probably see Chateau Hestia again is in December… I hope 🙂

  • Resto Review

    Anniversary Lunch @ Marcia Adams

    This is a long overdue post and was meant to be published last January 7, our wedding anniversary 🙁 *sniff* so bad at dealing with backlog posts. Anyhoo, I still think it’s worth posting about this quaint little restaurant hidden in Tagaytay for the benefit of those who want to experience something new in the summer capital of the Philippines in Southern Tagalog 🙂 I’ve read about Marcia Adams Restaurant a little more than a year ago and but I always end up leisurely spending time in Tagaytay Highlands rather than actually going there. Thus, I took our 5th anniversary as an opportunity to go to Marcia Adams and treat hubby to…

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