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Taiwan Travel 2015 [Day 2] – Chungshe (Zhongshe) Tourism Flower Market


One of my favorite days in our recent trip to Taiwan was Day 2 and I’m excited to tell you more about it!

While in Taichung, we checked in at Holiday Inn Taichung Park which I got for only NT$2,200 a night and is already inclusive of buffet breakfast for two. I was not able to take pictures but let me tell ya that the buffet spread was not that extensive. It was, however, a relief that breakfast came along with my booking because it was really convenient. My favorite from among the limited choices in their breakfast buffet spread would be the fresh fruits specifically their guava, and also the cauliflower gratin.

In case you’re also checking in at Holiday Inn Taichung Park and breakfast buffet is not an option, don’t worry because there’s MOS Burger down at the building. And by the way, the same building also has outlet stores for several known brands like Aldo, New Balance, Nike, Coach, etc. I did notice some Agnes B. stuff on sale too. Nice, right?

Anyhow, so after breakfast, Uncle Jack came to pick us up and being the friendly and thoughtful person he is, he brought a present for my son. He gave him a Tomica car which my son played with while on the road to our destinations. He also gave each one of us a bottle of water and he also prepared umbrellas in case it rains during the day.

So off we went to our first stop which is literally a flower heaven! We initially thought we’ll probably just spend an hour but Uncle Jack said, “No, no, no, that’s impossible!” 🙂 True enough, we spent about 4 hours at this place, lunch included. The place is called Chungshe Tourism Flower Market, an hour drive from Taichung City, and is definitely a place that you should never miss when you’re in Taichung.


In Central Taiwan, you’ll find several big flower markets that do not only sell flowers but also hold festivals in different seasons. Chungshe Tourism Flower Market is one of those markets and at the same time an established flower park. There are tulips, sunflowers, lavender, and four-season flower gardens which means that you’ll see different flowers depending on the season you visit. Everywhere in there is a good spot for pictorial but the best ones for me would be the sea of flowers with the mountain as the backdrop, the grand piano, and the white benches 🙂








My little boy enjoyed the place as well. In fact, he had a photo with his dad while riding the tractor. But what he loved the most was the kiddie train ride 🙂



We also had lunch at the flower market. There’s an all-you-can-MEAT-bbq-on-the-spot restaurant where you need only pay about NT$260 per person and you can cook and eat whatever you want. Okay, the meats are not as good as the ones I tried in Seoul. I particularly didn’t like the marinated chicken. And of all the things that we grilled that day, the beef strips and sweet potatoes were the best for me.



And that wraps the first half of our Day 2! After our lunch at the Chungshe Tourism Flower Market, we went to check out the remains of Longteng Bridge as well as the old Shengxing Station. The main attraction in the afternoon of our Day 2 was the Flying Cow Ranch. All of these in my next post so please come back for that. ‘Til then…

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