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Because I'm Lazzzzy…

I’m feeling lazy to write something today. I’ll just do a photo blog then 🙂

Here are some random snippets from my handy-dandy-old-&-rusty Nokia.


July 7, Varekai Cirque du Soleil Night

cirque du soleil grand chapiteau in manila is in front of the quirino grandstand. i really enjoyed wathching varekai. you shouldn't miss all their heart-pumpin' acts. besides, when will we catch cirque du soleil in manila again? so, go watch! 🙂

July 10, Mom’s Birthday in Tagaytay

From LowerRight Clockwise: (1) that's me at Josephine's Tagaytay for Mom's simple birthday lunch. (2) we had sinigang soup, green mango salad, noodles, and assorted grilled stuff. (3) that bun right there is called "pan de agua" and i found the best one from this small bakery in san pascual, batangas. (4) it was raining in tagaytay but we still wanted ice cold drinks so badly. got mango juice and iced fruit tea.

after lunch @ josephine's, we headed to chateau hestia for afternoon tea/coffee and some desserts. here are photos of mom and dad, me and hubby, and me and mom 🙂

we absolutely enjoyed everything we got from chateau hestia. From TopLeft Clockwise: (1) mom enjoying her hot green tea with lemon. (2) alvorada cafe do mocca from vienna, austria. (3) the love triangle, a dessert trio consisting of a decadent chocolate mousse with candied fruit; mango napoleon with layers of graham crust, white chocolate cream, mango and butter roll flakes; and panna cotta with their home-grown passion fruit jam. (4) kaiser schmarrn or the emperor's omelet. this is the famous royal pancake of austria served with plum & cherry compote. (5) freshly brewed coffee 🙂

My Cohen diet officially starts tomorrow. The next time I’ll probably see Chateau Hestia again is in December… I hope 🙂


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