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Cost Of Living In Seoul

One of the things that we always consider when we travel is the budget, of course. It’s easy to budget the costs of airfare and accommodation because much of the information are pretty much declared in the websites or travel platforms. But we’re always left wondering about how much should we budget for food, or transportation for each day in our trip.

I did a roundup of all the food that you can eat for 5,000won or less, and that should be helpful when you plan your meals in Seoul. But do take note that those prices were as of October 2017, and were based on the prices of food in Seoul. Just take note of those conditions so that you won’t feel like you were misled when you later on discover that the actual prices have changed.

In this post, I will share with you the cost of some items that you might need for your travel but were not included in my cost of food post.

Let’s start!

cost of bottled water in south korea 2018
cost of soju 2018 south korea
cost of beer in south korea 2018
cost of subway in korea 2018
Fried Chicken for sharing, 16,000won-18,000won(2)
Fried Chicken for sharing, 16,000won-18,000won(4)
two two fried chicken seoul cost
Fried Chicken for sharing, 16,000won-18,000won(9)
Fried Chicken for sharing, 16,000won-18,000won(8)

Apart from these, you may also want to know about the prices of some non-food items in case you intend to stay in South Korea a little bit more than the usual 5 or 7-day trip. These are the average approximates:

  • A branded pair of jeans, 65,000 won
  • A pair of Nike, Adidas, or similar sneakers, 105,000 won
  • A liter of gas is about 1,600 won
  • A 400-ml shampoo, 9,000 won
  • A tube of toothpaste, 3,000 won
  • A haircut, 20,000-30,000 won
  • Ticket for two at the movies, 20,000 won
  • A 3-course dinner in an Italian restaurant with wine for two, 65,000 won
  • A pack of Marlboro cigarettes, 4,500 won

And that’s it! I hope you find this post helpful. Will catch up with you in the next one!



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