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Food Trippin’ in Hongkong: TAI CHEONG BAKERY

After a million discussions with taxi drivers that eventually ended up with a raise in my blood pressure… after an outburst and an almost-imminent altercation with some rude people who didn’t care to help us with directions despite showing them the name of the street in Chinese characters… and after a long, tiring and futile search for the elusive Gough Street… we fortunately found ourselves locating one of the things I listed in our must-visits.

I don’t want to write exactly how I felt during that time when we were looking for Gough Street because I might end up saying something really bad. I’m still reminded by this blogging etiquette that you don’t need to post something online that you won’t say to a friend. But to say that I was pissed at blogs who mislead by saying that Gough Street is just right outside Central Station is an understatement.

It’s not anyway near Central Station, puh-leeez. And that misinformation led us to walk from Central to Sheung Wan Station. Ah yes, it’s nothing major. When did plantar fasciitis and blisters become major, anyway?

If there’s anything good that happened though, we saw Tai Cheong Bakery over at Lyndhurst Terrace. I believe there are a couple of branches around Hong Kong but the main store is at Lyndhurst Terrace in Central. The bestseller from Tai Cheong is, of course, their Egg Tarts!

Egg tart is famous in Hong Kong and the ones from Tai Cheong became famous when HK’s last British governor, Chris Pattern, declared Tai Cheong’s to be the best egg tarts in the world.

I believe that Tai Cheong egg tarts are really famous because the lines at their store don’t seem to have an ending. When I went there, it’s not crowded and the lines were not long but the lines just don’t end. People come in and fall in line one after the other.

Their egg tarts sell for HK$5 per piece. If you’re buying a lot, you can get their boxes which can hold 5 or 8 pieces per box. I got two boxes of 8’s. There are two types of egg tarts. There’s one with the cookie crust, and there’s another one with the puff pastry crust. I got the latter.

The puff pastery was delicous and really flaky. The egg custard was warm and very smooth. It wasn’t so sweet and has a rich aroma of egg as you hold it close to have a bite.

For all the efforts exerted and walking done to reach Tai Cheong over at Lyndhurst Terrace, I’d say that the yummy egg tarts were all worth it! 🙂  The egg custard was still smooth and intact even after two days. They even made it to our New Year’s Eve dinner back home! 😛

Don’t miss Tai Cheong’s egg tarts next time you are in Hong Kong.

Tai Cheong Bakery, #35 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong.


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