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Healing In South Korea

In a country where competition is stiff, and everyone works hard to make a living, tired Koreans look for something that will soothe their bodies and minds. In a recent survey, it was discovered that almost half of Korean employees have less than 5 days of vacation a year! This is why there is a current growing popularity of nap cafes in South Korea, part of the industry called “fast healing.” Employees always look for something that will solve or provide them that much needed shut-eye, and this clamor has brought forth several businesses like cafes with sleeping pods, healing fairs, cinemas where you can sleep, and public convenience lounges.

But remember, no matter where you go, be it on top of the mountain or in the most serene beach, if you are hooked online or to social media, you will never be able to take advantage of the healing you are looking for. Thus, if you are looking for healing and relaxation, the very first thing you need to do is to disconnect.

Now, let me take you to places where you can get that much needed healing in Seoul. Yes, healing in that uber bustling and busy metropolitan city is possible. And I’m not referring to nap cafes. I’m speaking of spas that can refresh, heal, and bring out a renewed, more confident you.

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One of the popular and unique ways to get pampered and relieve stress in Korea is by going to a traditional Korean bathhouse known as jjimjilbang. Dragon Hill Spa is one of the most popular jjimjilbangs in Seoul, and is open 24 hours a day, 365 days in a year. It’s a spa and sauna, and it also has an internet cafe, fitness center, arcade, and karaoke. Why should you choose Dragon Hill Spa? Because it has been featured in many famous Korean dramas and shows, and it was named as one of the three best saunas in Seoul by CNN.
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Whoo Spa (formerly O Hui Spa) is synonymous with VVIP spa service. It’s a popular spa in Sinsa mostly frequented by K-Pop stars and famous American and Korean actors. The spa also sells a variety of high quality, exceptional skincare products made from natural herbs. What package should you get? Avail of the exclusive Trazy Care Package which is inclusive of 100 minutes of basic facial care with back and shoulder massage. It consists of facial cleansing, exfoliating, oxygen deep cleansing, face slimming massage, facial ampoule, facial mask pack, revitalizing care, and is finished off with an aromatherapy massage.

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Cheongkwanjang Spa G is from the Korea Ginseng Corporation brand of high quality red ginseng. Their spa programs use 6-year old ginseng roots that will stimulate blood circulation, detoxify and nourish the body, relieve stress, and restore health. Cheongkwanjang Spa G offers a luxurious spa treatment that you will not find anywhere outside Korea. This is why when in Seoul and you are looking to spend some time for wellness, this should be on your list.

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Healience was coined from the words “healing” and “science.” Healience Zen Village is the first wellness and healing center that promotes healthy eating and exercise. They offer meditation, yoga, and many other activities. It is a great place to be free from all the stress in  your day-to-day life. As I said above, the only real way to get that much needed healing is to be disconnected. At the Healience Zen Village, there is no internet, no phone, no air-condition, no fridge. It may make you worry, but it will give you that peaceful connection with yourself and nature. Experience a real digital detox at Healience Zen Village.

Happy Healing!


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