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Heart and Seoul 2014 – Myeongdong v.2, The Street Food Post


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When I think of shopping in Seoul, Myeongdong is one of those places that will always come to mind. Back in 2012, I purposely went to Myeongdong to buy hoard cosmetics. Last April, I visited Myeongdong not so much to buy anything but mostly because I wanted to look at the various street food… again! Aside from cosmetics and clothes, one of the things you’ll enjoy in Myeongdong is the food scene. There are so may restaurants, cafes, fast food, and street food stalls. You definitely would not go hungry!

So come, scroll down, and let’s drool together 🙂 There are so many food photos and I’m so excited! I don’t know where to begin!

126 mansion food
Okay, so this one is from 126 Mansion. Before we went out to hit Myeongdong, we were so hungry that we decided to have dinner at 126 Cafe first. We ordered our favorite meal of course. We love their Seafood Fried Rice to the max, like we can eat it every time… literally!
filming in seoul
On our way to the MRT station, we passed by this video shoot. We didn’t know what it is for and who the actors were. We really wanted to ask who they are but we didn’t know how to ask in Korean. Well, my friend tried by asking “Sinetch itech?” Haha 🙂 It’s gay lingo in Filipino which means “who are they?” Anyhow, we burst into laughter and since we were so noisy, we were asked to leave. And one member of the production staff even yelled at me to turn my flash off. I had to explain that it wasn’t my camera but then again, we were asked to leave. So… Ouch! 😛
And then we reached Myeongdong… Ahh, the lights… The shops.. They’re calling my name! 🙂
While we initially didn’t want to shop, we couldn’t help it. I personally still had to buy a few cosmetics and accessories.
myeongdong street food
After shopping, the food trip began! My first stop was this stall that sells fish cakes on a stick.
myeongdong street food
A closer look at the fish cakes. The soup/broth is yummy too!
I really love the fishcakes. They taste like the Filipino fish balls but different in that the fishcakes in Seoul are on the soggy side.
I really love the fishcakes. They taste like the Filipino fish balls but different in that the fishcakes in Seoul are on the soggy side. They’re served with broth/soup instead of the thick sweet and sour sauce that we have back in the Philippines.
myeongdong street food
These are sweet egg cakes called Gyeranbbang. They taste like our local bibingka.
myeongdong street food
The spiral ice cream cones! I usually have issues on food sanitation but even if these cones were exposed to all the harmful elements out there, I wasn’t bothered at all 🙂 Soft-serve ice cream is piped into the spiral cones. These cones don’t taste like waffle. They reminded me of those hotdog-shaped corn snacks I used to eat as a child. They’re a good fit though, the ice cream and the spiral cones 🙂
myeongdong street food
Imagine the smell of grilled squid wafting through the air. I personally can endure that smell (I actually like it) but some may find it funky. These are packed grilled squid snacks. They’re sweet and delicious but be ready to find a bit of a struggle when chewing.
myeongdong street food
You’ll find lots of stalls selling lemonade. The lemonade is not sweet in case you’re wondering. They mix these lemons with some soda (similar to Sprite) but the tartness of the lemons really overpower the sweetness of the soda. I would have liked the lemonade if they were served cold. However, they do not put ice into the drink so I wasn’t able to finish mine.
myeongdong street food
Kimchi, anyone?
myeongdong street food
myeongdong street food
I was looking for tornado potato with hotdog but couldn’t find a stall that sells one that night. To compensate for it, I tried some sausages instead.
myeongdong street food
Moaaarrrr sausages…
myeongdong street food
myeongdong street food
The hotteok beauties… up close and personal 🙂
myeongdong street food
My oh my! So I didn’t find any tornado potato but this one was equally good. These are hotdogs with a special kind of batter that encrusts them. Guess what? Yup, you guessed it right. French Fries! Best eaten with ketchup. Hello, cardiac feast 🙂

Don’t you love looking at food photos? I really do. These pictures vividly remind me of the wonderful street food scene in Myeongdong and I can’t wait to be back!

There’s really no need to ask for specific locations/coords to be able to try these food. There are many stalls in Myeongdong. You’ll find everything posted here and so much more.

 And that wraps it. Now, be still my beating heart 🙂

Til my next post, Annyeong!


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