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Heart and Seoul 2014 – N Seoul Tower via the Namsan Cable Car


There are different ways to reach N Seoul Tower. Back in 2012 during my first time in Seoul, I went to N Seoul Tower via a regular taxi. We were dropped off at something that looked like a huge bus stop. From there, we painstakingly hiked up to the foot of the tower. Hiking for couch potatoes like me is a real struggle. I remember running out of breath by the time I had a view of the ticketing office. And even for those with regular exercise, hiking will still be a bit of an effort because the road is too steep. Imagine how amazed we were to see Korean elders hiking the same path, carrying heavy-looking backpacks, and chit-chatting on their way up! I am a multi-tasker but if there’s one thing I can’t  do, it would be to hike and talk at the same time! 😛

On my visit last April 2014, I took the easier option which was to visit N Seoul Tower via the Namsan Cable Car. You’ll read a lot of blogs telling you how to reach the station either by subway or by bus. But the directions can be confusing because you’ll be on the lookout for a couple of things. Well, that plus the fact that you’ll need to do a long walk from Myeongdong station and we didn’t want to do that under the mid-day sun.

So for our group, we opted to get a taxi but instead of asking the driver to directly bring us to N Seoul Tower, we asked that we be dropped off at the Namsan Cable Car station. This proved to be much easier and cost/time efficient. The only downside would probably be the wait until you board the actual cable car but that’s nothing compared to hiking, right? From the time we arrived at the station, bought our tickets, and actually boarded the cable car, I estimate that it took us a little about 20 minutes.

Do not expect though that you’ll be completely free from walking if you take the cable car.  You will still need to take a few steps up through some wooden stairs but believe me, it’s nothing to fear about. It was definitely easy peasy.


The tower still looked the same. Nothing much has changed since I first visited it in 2012. For more pictures of N Seoul Tower, especially the locks of love and what the observatory looks like, please visit my old post.


There are many dining options in N Seoul Tower but my favorite would be the burger shop at the ground floor. That place is usually crowded though which means it is always hard to find seats. There’s a great section there overlooking the mountain but all seats are almost always taken. Best to look for seats first before ordering because food usually comes out in 10-15 minutes, but finding a seat might take longer than that. We went there on a weekend by the way.


My high school BFF treated us for lunch because his birthday back then was just a week away. We had burgers, fried chicken, and several orders of the shrimp bucket. Eating with friends over stories and lots of laughter is simply the best!


We only got a one-way cable car ride so that meant going back to the city by bus for us. Walking down was a lot easier and with an added bonus to boot: view of the cherry blossoms! We literally had to stop at every angle for a photo op 🙂


The cherry blossoms were so pretty! If you’ve read my previous post about the Yeouido cherry blossoms festival, I mentioned that had I known that we’ll be seeing lots of cherry blossoms around Seoul, I probably would not have tried going to the festival at night. True, there’s an abundance of cherry blossoms in Seoul and the Namsan mountain is one of those places that you can easily access to witness this very seasonal natural beauty.

Til my next post, Annyeong!

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