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New Yummy Discoveries in Hong Kong

The first order of business as soon as we arrived was lunch 🙂 Crystal Jade in Harbour City was the first option but the queue was really long. Thus, we just went straight to the food court called City Super. I didn’t like City Super in Times Square and I wasn’t excited having to hit it again for lunch. But then, I found this stall that sells ramen, barbecue rice, and canned soda for only HK$68 [roughly US$9].

Considering that I’m still on the Cohen diet and I’d only be sipping the broth, the whole meal was ideal for me and hubby. I know that this isn’t exactly what a Cohen diet should be but I don’t have the same resilience that some people do possess. I didn’t bring a portable cooker with me, and even if I brought one, there’s no way I’d be allowed to cook inside our suite in Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel. My only choice was to eat the least of all evils.

I guess filling up on soup, egg, and veggies wouldn’t hurt that much 🙂

Anyhow, after lunch, we headed to Ap Lei Chau to go to Horizon Plaza. Before going to Hong Kong, I found out that there’s a Prada outlet also in Ap Lei Chau!

There’s a lot of Miu Miu choices but Prada, not so much. It’s still better to go to a real Prada store.

Meanwhile, we went to Sift Patisserie again and we discovered a great tasting and really refreshing organic lemonade.

The following day, we were lucky to find seats in Crystal Jade for lunch. I wasn’t able to take pictures of the food though. We ordered spring rolls, some kind of fish soup, radish cakes, steamed veggies, a beef dish, etc. But for me, the highlight of the meal were the spicy beef noodle soup and xiao long bao.

photo not mine

photo not mine

We also went to Sha Tin to try to visit the 10,000 Buddhas temple but it was sunny so we just decided to stay inside New Town Plaza and check out Snoopy’s World. While in New Town Plaza, we tried the famous mango desserts from Honeymoon Dessert.

Honeymoon Dessert is located at The Menu @ Level 7 in New Town Plaza. It’s a small space filled with people who literally just eat-and-run. The seats get taken fast so you’ll need a little patience.

We were lucky that we’re just two and it wasn’t that hard for us to squeeze ourselves in between other guests. It might be hard to find seats if you’re in a larger group, else be prepared to be separated from your friends at least for the short time you’re enjoying their desserts 🙂

We got mango pudding that they served with a small container of evaporated milk. Delicious 🙂

We also got another mango-based dessert. It’s made of mango-pomelo soup with mango and pomelo bits then topped with green tea ice cream. Well…. the soup was fine, the green tea ice cream was also fine, but when mixed together especially with the pomelo pulp… well, uhm… it wasn’t that good 🙁

Since we discovered Guang Dong Barbecue Restaurant in Cameron Road, we made it a point to always go there to have a meal. As always, hubby ordered the barbecue pork along with a black noodle dish which was also very yummy.

Before going back to Manila, we stopped by Pasteleria Koi Kei and grabbed almond pastry and Phoenix egg rolls for pasalubong 🙂

And that wraps up our yummy discoveries in Hong Kong during our last trip! Our food discoveries this time may not be as varied as those from our previous trips but I’m still glad that we’re able to discover something new and yet not overeat 😛

For those of you who are on the Cohen diet and wondering what the hell am I doing, I’m sorry. This is not to encourage you to cheat. I won’t advise you to do that. But as for me, I know that despite the cheats I’ve had, I’m still able to control my portions and that going back to the diet plan would be as easy as switching a light bulb on. I wouldn’t have to struggle again like I used to with the other diets I tried.

Again, don’t cheat because it’s not the right thing to do. And if ever you do, don’t blame yourself. Just be prepared to accept the slow weight loss and be ready to get back to it as soon as possible.

With that said, hope you had a happy Christmas and may you have a prosperous New Year! 🙂

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