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Seoul Itinerary for 5 Days / 4 Nights

As promised, I’m sharing our itinerary for 5 days/4 nights in Seoul.

Just want to tell you in advance that I went to Seoul with my husband and our family. We’re 12 in the group with 5 people just around my age and 7 senior citizens. Had I traveled with my husband alone (we will definitely go back there on our own), our itinerary would have been a more taxing one but definitely budget-friendly. Overall though, given our group demographics and physical considerations, I would have to say that we pretty much covered a good number of tourist attractions but just so you know, the itinerary I’m sharing might not reflect the cheapest way to go around town.

Airfare and Accommodation

We got our plane tickets from Cebu Pacific during a seat sale. For me and hubby, we got two round-trip tickets from Manila to Incheon for only P14,600. You may also want to check Jeju Air for cheap tickets. If you want to fly comfortably with plane food and entertainment, you can go for Philippine Airlines, Asiana, or Korean Air. Anyways, in addition to the airfare which we paid directly to Cebu Pacific, we also paid Philippine Travel Tax of P1,620 and Terminal Fee of P550 at the airport.

We stayed at 126 Mansion (such a lovely guesthouse and I am highly recommending this place but my post about it will come later) and our booking was for 100,000KRW per room per night for two people. That rate includes breakfast (choice of American or Korean) and when converted to Philippine pesos, that would amount to P4,000 a night. For our 5days/4nights stay, we paid P16,000 for two, more or less.

Itinerary (costs/expenses will be discussed in separate posts)






I will share photos of our experiences in Seoul. If you need suggestions on where to go or if you want a confirmation whether the itinerary you made is doable, feel free to drop a comment or send me an email 🙂 Til my next post, annyeong!


    • Nini Lucas

      Hi Ms. Janis. Congrats on your blog! Really informative and helpful. I’ll be traveling with my 3 sisters to Seoul this April 3-5, 2014 with no tour guide. Is it possible to see all the places in my itinerary in 2 days?
      Day 1 – Palace, Hanok Village, Hanbok Experience, Namsam NSeoul Tower
      Day 2 – Trick Eye Museum, Myeondong Shopping
      If time permits, I would love to go to Nami Island. Is it time-saving and cheaper transpo fare for 4 of us if we take taxi rather than the subways? Please help me.

      • janiscooking

        Hi Nini, thank you for visiting my blog. I’m glad that you found it helpful 🙂 Yes, your itinerary is doable. However, if you plan to go to Nami Island, I suggest that you put it on the same day with Myeongdong and N Seoul Tower. So one day will be like Nami – N Seoul Tower – Myeongdong. Then another day will be like Palace – Hanbok experience – Bukchon Hanok Village (and you can do Myeongdong again or Dongdaemun at night for shopping). Would probably be cheaper if you take the subway within Seoul but not by a lot. Depending on your time constraints, you can choose either. But if you choose to go around by taxi, it won’t be too expensive since you’re dividing the bill by 4 🙂 Hope this helps.

  • Leila

    Hello. Thanks for sharing those information. My friends & I will go to Seoul on May 18-23, 2012. How did you go to Nami island? Thank you.

    • janiscooking

      oh hi leila, sorry i didn’t get to respond to you sooner. by now, you’re probably in seoul already. we went to nami island via a private coach which we hired for our group of 12 persons.

  • rozai

    hi Jan, i am planning to go with my family ( kids age 12- 19) in late Mar. How many days should i go. Is it easy to get muslim food?

    • janiscooking

      if you’re traveling with kids, they might be interested to go to theme parks like Everland or Lotte World which will need one whole day off your itinerary. it’s up to you on how many places you want to see but the typical number of days would be 5 days or more. about muslim food, i’m sorry i wasn’t able to ask around back then but this website from the Korea Tourism Office might help:

  • Joe

    Hi there. do u have the contact details of the private coach as we are interested to get its service at that cost next month. Thanks -Joe

    • janiscooking

      Hi, I have the number of the airport van (6-seats) service that picked us up and brought us back to the airport but not the private coach/mini-bus (12-15 seats) that brought us to Nami Island. Here it is: 011 9913 1276. They may have a coach or hook you up with someone they know. They’re not just very fluent in English (my Korean friend arranged things for us) but I’m sure, with a little patience, they’ll be able to help.

  • Pailanan

    Thanks for the wonderful info about seoul, just wondering why is it you didn’t go to busan for 5 days? don’t you think its not enough? i will go to korea this march and one of my itinerary is to go to busan to see jeju island, do you think 5 days is enough? thanks a lot for the places you’ve been with. i will definitely go there.

    • janiscooking

      Hi there, Jeju Island and Busan are two separate places and would need more than 5 days if you want to include them in your itinerary. For Busan, include at least two days and one night at the minimum. For Jeju Island, include at least three days and two nights at the minimum. That will give you ample time to explore the beauty of those places. I would suggest that if you really want to see Seoul and Busan and Jeju, allocate at least 9-10days for your trip 🙂 hope this helps.

  • Izie

    Hi Jan, I really appreciate your blog, very helpful. My friends and I will go there this year. How much is the total expenses per head? (based on your experience) Thank you very much.

    • janiscooking

      During our trip last 2012, it’s about 25k pesos per person inclusive of airfare, accommodation, food, transpo and entrance fees but minus shopping. We got the air tickets on sale. I’m going back this April 2014 and I an estimating we’ll need about 30-35k per person all-in because the tickets I got are not on sale 🙂

  • openthymindteta

    Hello! thank you for a very informative entry! i really enjoyed reading through it!:) did you hire a tourist guide for this trip? My family and i plans to go to Seoul on December. thanks!

    • janiscooking

      Nope, we didn’t get a tour guide. I was the tour guide of our group haha 🙂 I’m going back again in April this year. Please drop by again, you might find something useful for your trip 🙂

    • janiscooking

      hi, i’m no authority on this because i’ve been there only once. but if i were to celebrate valentine’s day there, i would probably do a han river cruise then have dinner at one of the river lookout restaurants. i probably would also go to N Seoul Tower and have dinner at the revolving restaurant there. depending on what you guys would love to do, you may also watch a baseball game or go visit french village 🙂 hope this helps

  • bunniefly

    Hi there! such a nice blog here, a big help for me as I am planning for a Korea Trip with my family soon. Hope you can also share with me your budget as it’s the crucial part of the plan ^^ Thank you!

    • janiscooking

      Hi Bunniefly, I broke down my daily expenses in separate blog posts. But I also said in my Day 1 blog that we spent more than planned because we came with 7 seniors and instead of taking the MTR or eating streetfood, we hired vans or took taxis or ate at restaurants. But despite that, everything was still pretty reasonable. All in all, including airfare, guesthouse, food, entrance fees and transportation costs, we spent around P30,000 each. Hope this helps.

  • Abie

    Hi! We are going to Korea this coming November and i would like to make reservations to the guesthouse where you stayed ( 126 Mansion ) . Can i have their number or email address for the reservation.

  • Isca Abaya

    Hi I find your blog post very very useful, and am using it as a guide for our own April 24 to 29 Seoul trip. Just like you, we plan to stay in 126 Mansion and go to all the places you visited plus add Lotte World for one day and Trick Eye Museum for our 3 kids aged 18, 14 and 8. I love 126 mansion based on your photos/write up, but concerned with the tiny rooms and the bathrooms. How is the bathroom in 126 Mansion? It seems too small in the photos. Is the shower really just attached to the sink, and is there really no divider between shower and water closet?? Can the Ondol suite really accommodate 4 people? How did you manage your luggage and changing when there seems to be not enough space in the rooms? Also, did you watch the Nanta show. How was it?Please advise. Thanks in advance!!

    • janiscooking

      Hi Isca, sorry for the late reply and you must have been back from your Seoul trip by now. But for the benefit of others who are inquiring about 126 Mansion, I’d still answer your questions. Room 201 is the family room with ondol floor and it can fit up to 5 persons. The bathroom is like a typical Asian bathroom where there’s no divider between the shower and the toilet. The rooms are small if you try to fit in more than the maximum number of guests per room allowed. Like we stayed in a room good for two and there were three of us and we had about 5 luggages. That made the room too small with very little space to move around. But the good side of it though was that we’re allowed to leave some of the luggages we don’t need outside the room (locked of course). Besides, we’re always out touring different places so the room size didn’t really matter much to us 🙂 Yes, we watched the NANTA show in Myeongdong back in 2012 (we didn’t watch it anymore this 2014). We loved it but be sure to watch it when the kids are not that tired because there are some parts that may be dragging and they might fall asleep. But overall, it was a very entertaining show 🙂
      ~ Jan

  • Catherine

    Very informative blog, Ms. Janis. I am a real estate agent, 21, and I am afraid they might consider my age for not approving my korean visa. They might think I don’t have the means to travel but i already got my airfare ticket and it’s on sale too…. Do you think it would be hard for me to get a visa? Plus, what if I only have 60k in my bank account, would that be enough? Another thing, which do you think is better, getting an agency or having the trip on my own? Thank you very much.

  • Virma de Guzman

    Hi Ms Janis. You have an informative blog. I believe you can help me in planning a do it yourself tour for my family. My kids will love to go to lotte world and everland for sure so our 2 days will probably be alloted there. Do you have any idea about the cost? W also want to bring them to the palaces and other cultural heritage as well as Nami. Will it be possible doing all this by train or bus?
    We are on a budget thats why we like to know the cheapest possible way of going around. thanks in advance:]

  • Vinus

    Hi dear, would like to know where did u purchase your winter boots. I couldnf find it anywhere that has this length. I would be thankful if u are willing to share with me 🙂

        • janiscooking

          I got them from USA but I think you can also ordef online. UGG is an Australian brand but I found them too in HongKong (Lane Crawford) and Singapore (forgot the store). As for the Kirkland boots, I don’t know if other Costco stores carry them but those in the US usually do. There are other nice boots too like Fitflops which I also wore in Seoul. They’re comfy too and are easier to find in Asian countries.

          • Vinus

            Wow i didnt know fitflops has boots! Alright will keep a lookout. Im actually looking for bearpaws though.. haha! But anyway thanks!

    • janiscooking

      That would still be winter, if that’s ok with you 🙂 we went there in April of this year and it’s spring – not too cold, almost always sunny, might be more ideal than winter.

  • Deanne Dean

    Hello, I would like to ask Kung pano ang pag apply for senior citizen? Would love to bring my grandparents with me to south Korea pero they are retired so there’s no chance that they can show itr.. about bank certificate, is it possible that they can use their son’s account? Or should I make one for them ? Thanks in advance!!

    • Jan

      Hi Deanne, I’ll try to answer your question based on my experience (like my yaya who does not have a bank account, ITR, etc). I believe the bank account should be under their name. If your grandparents don’t have financial documents, they can present their son’s bank account BUT 1) their son should be the one to sponsor their visa, 2) their son should also be applying for a visa, and 3) their son should get his visa first before applying for a visa for your grandparents. Hope this helps.
      ~ Jan

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