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Seoulful Encounters [Busan/Seoul 2017] – Family Fun Day at Everland thru

Last April 24, my husband, 4 year old son, mom, dad, and I were able to visit Everland through the blogger sponsorship program of It was such a great privilege to be sponsored to enjoy the world’s 4th biggest theme park – something that I have always wanted to experience along with my family., a play with the words “travel” and “crazy”, is a one-stop travel booking site where you can easily find the latest, trendiest, and newest things to do in Korea at the best price – from travel activities, tours, performance and concert tickets, and even passes to beauty make-up experiences. Everything you need to know about what you can do and enjoy in Korea is right at your fingertips through

You can also avail of Q-Pass from Trazy which is like a Disneyland Fast Pass that allows you to enjoy attractions without having to queue. You can purchase Q-Pass  for only $10 per pass.

And to fully enjoy our Everland experience, I purchased round-trip Everland shuttle bus tickets for my family at a huge discount from Trazy. It’s the best value you can find if you compare it with other discount travel sites. It was such a great deal and a wise decision on my part because of the convenience it afforded us – we were picked up and dropped off near Exit 2 of Myeongdong Station which was just around the corner of where we stayed at in Myeongdong.

This whole post has tons of photos so it might take a while to load fully but I promise you, it’s going to be a visual feast because Everland is absolutely amazing. Read more to learn about our full Everland experience.

Everland shuttle bus

As I said above, I purchased round-trip Everland shuttle bus tickets for my family at a huge discount from Trazy. I compared it with two other sites and Trazy offers the best value deal. The pick up time from Exit 2 of Myeongdong Station was scheduled at 9:40am but we’re already there by 9:20am. The bus was early so we were able to get on it as soon as we arrived at the meeting place.


We were given bus tickets before boarding and were told to keep them safely because those tickets will be needed for our return ride. You can actually choose the time of your return to Myeongdong, i.e., 6:30pm or 9:30pm. I chose 6:30pm for our family as we needed time to pack up for our flight the following day.

The line at the Everland shuttle bus meeting place in Myeongdong

Everland is popular so expect tons of visitors whether it is a weekday or a weekend. This is why I highly recommend getting the round-trip Everland shuttle bus tickets from Trazy. You don’t need to worry about your commute going to Everland and back to the city because there will be reserved seats for you. Please do this specially if you are visiting Everland with senior citizens or babies/toddlers.

And to be able to get on the bus first, be at the meeting place early. Once the bus is full, it will move on so those in line will need to take the next shuttle. In our case, we were at the meeting place in Myeongdong by 9:20am, the bus got full around 9:30am, and we left as soon as all seats were taken. Similarly for our return, we were at the parking lot in Everland by 5:50pm and as soon as the bus got full by 6:15pm, we were on our way back to Seoul.
Bus parking lot in Everland

The shuttle bus will arrive at the bus parking lot in Everland. Be sure to ask the driver for the exact meeting place for your return to Seoul. There are many shuttle bus operators and they have designated slots so you need to be sure that you will be taking the correct bus later on.


From the parking lot, you need to walk to the shuttle bus gates to transfer to the in-house Everland shuttle. This will bring you to the gates of Everland theme park.


When you reach your drop off point, take note also of where you alight the shuttle bus. There are different lanes bound for different locations. The shuttle bus will drop you off at lanes 4,5. You need to remember this because this is where you need to line up to return to the bus parking lot later.


What you will first see are the ticketing booths and you will note that lines can get crowded and long because of the many visitors. What is good with getting your Everland tickets from Trazy is that you don’t need to fall in line at the ticketing booths anymore. You just need to head over to the Group Ticket office to claim your tickets.

To make it more convenient, you can also buy Q-Passes from Trazy. A Q-Pass is similar to Disneyland’s Fast Pass which lets you skip the long lines. The Q-Pass made it really convenient for my senior parents and toddler. The lines at Panda World and Safari World can get super long and the Q-Pass was a real blessing!

And do you know the best thing about all of these? With Trazy, you are getting all these at a huge discount! Imagine that a day pass typically costs 54,000won which is roughly P2,500 Philippine pesos. With Trazy’s Everland deal, you can get Everland tickets for only about 36,000won or P1,650 Philippine pesos.


Once inside, first things first. An English map! Everland is so huge I estimate that one day won’t be enough to completely see everything. You will need a map to help you plan your course and make the most of your day trip.


Everland is a famous theme park in South Korea so expect lots of visitors even on a Monday. During our visit, groups and groups of school children went there for their field trip. Even so, it made the park livelier and it was fun to see everyone having a great time. At first, I was worried that my son who’s more familiar with Disneyland and Universal Studios won’t enjoy Everland. It turned out though that whether you are young or old, Everland will appeal to you because it has everything for everyone – rides, restaurants, shops, zoo, garden, shows, and so much more!


Every nook or cranny is beautiful. The good thing about our timing was that even if the Tulip Festival already ended the day before we visited, the tulips and all the other flowers were still in full bloom. My mom and I fell in love with the flowers!


This colorful tree was a popular backdrop for photos. It looks magical in real life.


My son was also mesmerized by the flowers. They’re so pretty I want to bring them home for our garden!


For those who love robots, “Hello Turning Adventure” is a must-see. Beginning May 3, two new films will be added: Hello Carbot and Sofy Ruby.


We first used our Q-Pass for Panda World, a newly opened zone in Everland and the only place in Korea where one can see real live pandas! The cuties are from the panda research base in Sichuan, China. From the Q-Pass line, we were immediately ushered to the holding area where we were able to watch a short free movie clip. When doors opened, we moved to an area with touchscreens to learn more about pandas.

As we moved on, we finally were able to see the cute pandas live! I have uploaded a short video on my Youtube channel. Click here to view.


Our lunch was at Venezia Pizza because we were craving for pizza and pasta.


We continued walking and passed by Robot VR and Championship Rodeo, two rides in the American Adventure zone. I was amazed at how big Everland is. The Ferris Wheel always seemed so near and yet so far away.


We next visited the Music Garden in Magic Land. It’s a romantic garden blooming with gorgeous spring flowers. It is a great space for healing as some background music helps you get more relaxed and immersed in nature.


In the evening, there’s the LED Musical Rose Garden here where some 12,000 LED roses get lighted up in different colors, and again, accompanied by romantic background music.


We next passed by Super Flume Thunder Falls. I wanted to fall in line there but my son wouldn’t let me. Instead, we just watched the action happen from the outside. As I’ve read somewhere, it’s Everland Korea’s first Back Drop, highest height of descent, longest waterway and largest falling angle for a flume ride.


We finally reached Magic Land where my son can enjoy the rides. At first, he was kinda scared but when he discovered Flash Bang Bang, he super enjoyed it and requested to queue up again! It is like riding a big tulip chair where you bounce up and down in different heights. Children 100cm or less must be accompanied by a guardian.


And then we tried the Peter Pan ride, also in Magic Land.


We stopped nearby the Royal Jubilee Carousel because the afternoon parade was about to start. While waiting for the parade, I bought some chocolate soft serve which was so creamy and delicious. It could just be me or what but I love eating ice cream whenever it is cold outdoors. This was the perfect snack on a cold spring afternoon at a theme park!


And then the afternoon parade began. It’s not as grand as the Disneyland parade but it was enjoyable just the same. I was amazed at how popular the parade is among the locals especially the children. If there’s one thing I like about Koreans, it’s how patronizing they are of their own. I can’t seem to have experienced the same sense of support even for our local Enchanted Kingdom.


After the parade, we continued going to the Four Seasons Garden to view the spring flowers once again. It was a beautiful place to sit down and relax after walking so much. The Thomas & Friends Festival Train was also a fun ride for children and a good way to view the area around the garden.


On our way to Safari World, we passed by T Express, Alpine Village and the cable cars. I don’t think I can endure riding the T Express. Just watching the people in the roller coaster was already enough to make me feel dizzy.


And then we finally reached Safari World. Since we had Q-Passes for this attraction, we were led to the back of the shop beside the entrance to Safari World. That’s where holders of Q-Pass are ushered so that they get first dibs on bus seats. Since we’re the first ones to board, we got the best seats in the bus: those behind the driver’s seat. You might wonder if that’s really the best seat because chances are, you will notice that the bus window have tons of scratches and it might give you the feeling that you won’t be able to see the animals clearly. But then, if those scratches mean anything, they’re there because the can animals get so close near you that they can actually scratch the bus window. So, take that seat 🙂


Soon, we were mingling with the tigers and the lions. Don’t worry about just bringing mobile phones to take pictures. You’ll be able to capture good photos even with those. The bus goes slow so that you’ll have ample opportunity to take good shots.


After the tigers and the lions, we then went to see the bears. And we were in for a great treat! The bears stand up and come close to the driver that you’ll be able to see them really up close. What looks like a bear mascot is actually a real bear standing up! It was great to see real bears interacting with humans, albeit inside a bus. They look so fluffy that you would want to cuddle them.


After Safari World, we saw a polar bear as a last treat on our way back to the entrance. It was an amazing feeling to be able to see these animals and to think that I even have zoophobia, particularly cynophobia (fear of dogs) and ophidiophobia (fear of snakes).


And that was the last attraction we enjoyed in Everland before heading back to the shuttle bus parking lot for our return to Seoul. We are really thankful that Trazy has sponsored our family’s visit to Everland. It was a truly memorable and enjoyable experience. I still think about how much fun we had and because we enjoyed so much, we’re already planning for our next visit!

To enjoy Everland at a discount like we did, get your package from Trazy. They really offer the best value Everland packages (ticket only, shuttle bus, or Everland ticket with roundtrip shutle bus ride combo)  as compared with other travel discount sites.  Besides, Trazy also offers many other things, not just Everland tickets, and it is also a great resource for your Korea travel plan. I’m not saying this just because they sponsored our tickets but because I really find Trazy very informative and helpful as I planned for my 10 day Busan/Seoul trip.

More posts about my trip to Korea are coming up so please stay tuned. Annyeong!

Everland Essentials



Directions to Everland


  • Hassle-free / very convenient Round-trip Shuttle Bus with various pick-up points
  • Commute:
    • SUBWAY: Jeondae-Everland Station (Yongin EverLine), Exit 3. Take the shuttle bus to Everland (Operating hours 05:30-23:30). Myeongdong to Jeondae-Everland Station, 3,450won (regular)/3,350won (T-Money)
    • BUS
      • Sinnonhyeon, Gangnam, Yangjae Stations: Bus 5002
      • Pangyo, Segok-dong, Suseo, Songpa, Jamsil, Gangbyeon Stations: Bus 5700
      • Sadang, Nambu Terminal Stations (via Bundang and Gwangju): Bus 1500-2
      • Gangbyeon, Gangdong Stations (via Gwangju): Bus 1113


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