Breakfasts In Singapore

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My favorite destination for breakfast while we were in Singapore was this place at the back of Mandarin Orchard called Scape. It’s a lifestyle hub whose design was voted for by the youth and it features facilities like a recording and rehearsal studio, a dance studio, an art gallery and a performance theatre. As for me, I enjoy the short walk from our hotel going there as well as the quiet feel of a busy neighborhood in the morning.

Scape is very accessible via the Somerset MRT station so even if you don’t live or stay nearby, you can still visit Scape without worrying about how to go there. My morning route would be to walk along Orchard Road then Grange Road. From there, I always pass by Swensen’s Cafe.

We didn’t eat at Swensen’s during our last visit but I can still remember how much I enjoyed their clam chowder soup 🙂

Anyhow, one of the breakfast joints we went to in Scape was Toast Box. Toast Box is our favorite kaya toast place. It’s not like it’s something we won’t find here in Manila. In fact, we always go to their branch in Bonifacio Global City. But it feels different having to eat at Toast Box in Singapore.

We love quiet mornings and while we were there, we usually wake up pretty early and take a leisurely walk around the area. Like that time we had breakfast at Toast Box, it was just us and another lady customer at the store. We had the place for ourselves and the smell of coffee and toast filling up the whole room was simply divine.

We didn’t order anything heavy, like noodles or something. We went there with only one target in mind: the kaya toast set. The coffee that came with it is something like the dai pai dong of Hong Kong but instead of evaporated milk, what was used was condensed milk. The coffee was bold, creamy, and has a very smooth finish. The condensed milk lifted the richness of the coffee and that’s why I prefer Singaporean coffee over dai pai dong.

Kaya, a spread made of eggs, sugar and coconut milk, is put on toasted bread along with a generous amount of butter, and the product is a butter kaya toast 🙂 As if we’re not satisfied with the cholesterol content yet, the set came with soft-boiled eggs where we dipped our kaya toasts in before every bite.

When it comes to kaya toasts, I’m partial to Ya Kun because they use a different kind of bread. This is not to say that the kaya toast from Toast Box is bad. It’s just that it would have been nicer if they didn’t use white bread. At any rate, a meal in Toast Box, whether it’s for breakfast, or snack, or maybe dinner, is always fantastic that I oftentimes end up wanting to come back again and again.

We also had our share of fast-food breakfast. No McDonald’s for us please but Burger King, well, yeah, why not? The Burger King branch we went to is also in Scape but inside the mall.

We got turkey ham sandwiches which were really yummy. I got the mini rolls with turkey ham and scrambled eggs while hubby got the one in croissant with cheese and eggs. Simple breakfast but big in flavors, turkey ham for the win! 🙂

I could not say though that we had a lucky streak when it comes to breakfast because we had a terribad experience with Ruyi. It’s not in the Scape area but in front of Mandarin Gallery near Bus Stop 0937. I was expecting so much from Ruyi which literally means “as one’s wishes” in Mandarin. Ruyi is one of the first Chinese fast foods to be introduced in Singapore and because it promised affordable and delicious Chinese meals served up pronto, I was expecting that it would live up to it.

The steamed buns we got were dry. Really dry. I was expecting them to be hot as I supposed they came out fresh from the steamer but they weren’t. We also ordered fried noodles for which they forgot to transmit the order slip to the kitchen. We’ve been waiting for about 30 minutes for a cup of simple fried noodles. Served up pronto huh, yeah right!

I went to follow it up and they said that it’s coming in two minutes but nope, we still waited for more than six minutes. I asked for a refund because a cup of noodles costs $6.50 and with that amount, I can already get a breakfast meal at McDonald’s which is just beside Ruyi. And that was when the noodles came out, albeit substandard in quality. The noodles weren’t al dente and they were not evenly seasoned. It looked like they rushed cooking the noodles because some crazy customer was already asking for a refund. Really bad experience at Ruyi 🙁

Fortunately, we had this at the hotel. Hey, that’s instant coffee, I know, but it’s been my companion every morning as soon as I wake up. My morning ritual for the four days we spent there was to make a cup of coffee and bring it to hubby’s bedside as I nudged him out of bed 🙂 Simple pleasures are always the best.

And those are our breakfasts in Singapore. Nothing fancy but made extraordinary and special because I had my husband to share them with.

But wait up friends, this is not the end of my culinary adventures in Singapore. I still have a lot of things to post about so please drop by again soon. Thank you, la!

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