The Gourmet Bakery Cafe

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I remember that day when we were headed to the Singapore Flyer and upon alighting at the Promenade MRT Station, we realized that it was raining hard. There was nothing we could do but stay warm and dry at the PARCO Marina Bay which is just above the Promenade MRT Station. While there, we decided to have a leisurely chat about love, life, and travels, at a pretty corner cafe. 

We spent a good hour and a half waiting for the rain to stop at The Gourmet Bakery Cafe in PARCO Marina Bay. It’s a bakery, cafe, and deli in one. It serves coffee and tea, breads, pastries, sandwiches, as well as salads, soups, pasta, and hot meals.

We got cafe latte and warm apple pie. I’m no coffee connoisseur but having been born in the Kapeng Barako (varietal of liberica) capital of the Philippines (Batangas, that’s right), I can tell that there was nothing spectacular with the coffee. In fact, the foam art was not even perfect and looked haphazardly done.

The warm apple pie was also so-so. I figured it was too sweet for me.

I did like the design of the dessert fork though 🙂

Food may not be exceptionally good and the price wasn’t cheap either, but we did not have any right to complain because the cafe gave us shelter as we waited for the rain to stop. That plus the wait staff were friendly and service was good. While I would not include it as a must-visit on our next trip to Singapore, I’m still glad we stopped by The Gourmet Bakery Cafe. At the end of the day, a cup of coffee is always good when it’s raining outside. And more especially so if the moment is shared with the one you love 🙂 

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