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[Sponsored/Trazy] Lotsa Fun In Lotte

Trazy, a play with words “travel” and “crazy,” is by far my most trusted one-stop travel booking site for Korea. You can easily find the latest, trendiest and newest things to do in Korea for the best price in Trazy. Think of travel activities and tours, concerts, classes, and even passes to beauty make-up experiences.

I had the privilege of enjoying a great Lotte experience through the blogger sponsorship program of Trazy last March 28. This is the second time that I have been sponsored by Trazy (the first time was in Everland) and as always, the experience is filled with fun memories.

Trazy was also very generous in extending the sponsorship to 4 persons which meant that me and 3 of my other companions were able to enjoy the Lotte experience for free! 

Now, what is this Lotte experience that I’m talking about? Read on to learn more and how you  can also avail of this amazing deal from Trazy!

We’re able to experience the Lotte World Adventure and Lotte World Aquarium Combo with Magic Pass from Trazy. If you’re buying your Lotte World Adventure and Aquarium Combo from Trazy, you need to go to the Group Admission Office at the South Gate to exchange your vouchers for actual tickets. It’s not the counter you see outside where walk-ins buy their tickets. You’ll see the Group Admission Office to your left when you enter the South Gate entrance.

I have to admit though that the entire process of the sponsorship was not seamless. I am thankful for Trazy for the sponsorship but it did not start without a glitch. 

My family and I were already at the Group Admission Office but the four of us who were sponsored were denied entrance. I bought 2 extra vouchers from Trazy and they were able to get in just fine. The problem with the sponsored ones was that Trazy was not able to communicate this to the Group Admission Office. The Lotte World Adventure office was requiring us to present the voucher codes which Trazy did not send to me. The Group Admission Office advised me to message Trazy and the only way accessible to me then was through Kakao Talk.

Now, don’t let this glitch turn you off. It’s not the usual practice and I can assure you that based on my previous sponsorship experience also from Trazy. What is good about the whole situation was that I just found out how easily Trazy can help you solve your problem. 

I messaged them in Kakao Talk and at first, I was doubtful if I will get an immediate reply. But I did and my whole issue was resolved via Kakao Talk in 30 minutes. Thereafter, someone from Trazy drove all the way to Lotte World Adventure to personally hand me our tickets. What’s even more is that he was so apologetic that he even handed us complimentary tickets to the Seoul Sky.

It may not have started without a glitch, but it was resolved sooner than expected and we still had a great time!

The very first Lotte World Adventure attraction that we checked out was Pororo Park. It’s not part of the entrance ticket because we needed to pay extra to get access to the park. We had to pay 10,000krw for the child and extra 2,000krw for each adult companion. Was it worth it?

I’d say yes. My son is 6 years old and he definitely cannot ride the thrilling ones in Magic Island, and there were only a few rides that we can try given that we’re mindful of the time as well. We needed to hop on to the Lotte World Aquarium and the Seoul Sky after. So the Pororo Park was a good option to take. My son likes Pororo and while the park is more suited for kids who are younger, he still enjoyed the time he was inside Pororo Park. He got to meet Pororo on his way out and that was one of the highlights of his Lotte World Adventure experience.

After Pororo Park, we had lunch, and then we took the monorail that brought us around the entire park from above. That gave us a good view of the entire park and also the other available food options out there. 

We then waited for the parade to start, and I’d say that I enjoyed this parade more than the Everland parade. The characters were relatable and I loved how the parade attendants engaged with the crowd particularly with my son.

After the parade, we crossed over to the Magic Island, and oh boy, it was crazy cold outside!

The thrilling rides are in Magic Island and it was fun watching the young and adventurous ones scream their hearts out. Also while in Magic Island, we’re able to see just how tall the Seoul Sky is. I love beautiful buildings and Seoul Sky is one of them.

Because it was too cold that day and we can’t really try the rides because our son can’t, we decided to get back inside the Lotte World Adventure, explore a little more, and have some coffee and cake. By the way, you will never get hungry inside Lotte World Adventure

After Lotte World Adventure, we then headed to the Lotte Aquarium which was my son’s favorite attraction for the day! He is an aquaphile and he loves anything related to water!

Then finally, we went to Seoul Sky. This was an extra, complimentary attraction from Trazy. I didn’t expect to receive tickets but since there’s 6 of us and we only got 4 sponsored tickets, I purchased the extra 2 from the Seoul Sky ticketing office. They gave us discounted rates because we came with 2 senior citizens, but you’ll still get a better deal if you purchase your Seoul Sky tickets from Trazy beforehand.

Take note, Seoul Sky is a must visit if you are also in Lotte World. So if you are there to experience Lotte World Adventure and Lotte Aquarium, don’t miss out the chance to see Seoul Sky too. It’s the tallest building in Seoul and it will give you the best views of the city. Plus, you can reach the top observatory in less than a minute and that is an experience in itself.

If you want to experience the Lotte World Adventure and Lotte Aquarium with Magic Pass, just head on over to Trazy to get your discounted vouchers. Same thing with Seoul Sky, they also have that in their list of products, so make sure to check it out! They’re definitely deals you don’t want to miss next time you’re in Korea with your kids or with your family.

Stay tuned for my other blog posts. Until next time, Annyeong!


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